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Radiation Protection Cover ST-ER (Drape) with Adjustable Cut-out

Purpose and Application of the ST-ER Drape

The MAVIG ST-ER drape has been developed for protection of medical staff
by minimizing the scatter radiation emitted by the patient’s body.


Scatter radiation,
emitted from the patient’s body
towards medical staff.


Due to the flexible adjustment of the drape’s cut-out the cover can be adapted
precisely to the area of the primary beam, reducing scatter radiation significantly.


Severe reduction:
The radiation protection cover,
positioned on the patient’s body,
stops the majority of the scatter
radiation emerging from the patient’s
body towards the medical staff.


Through this the scatter radiation can be shielded very efficiently, therefore
allowing “to reduce the exposition of the examining staff – especially the area
of head and upper body – up to 90%.”

* Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Eder (2019) : „Einsatz einer adaptierbaren Abschirmdecke
bei ERCP?“,
Journal„radiologie|technologie“ No. 2/2019, S.13




Possible Applications

Typical application: ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography),
however, a great number of applications is possible.


• Prone or dorsal position (e.g. ERCP)
• Side positioning of patient (incl. shoulder cover)


Advantages of the Two-piece ST-ER Cover

  • Reduction of secondary radiation up to 90%
  • Application possible for patients lying on their side,
    in prone position (lying front down), or dorsal position
    (lying on the back)
  • Safe positioning of the drape due to individual adjustment
  • Perfectably adaptable to the examination field
  • Cut-out for endoscopy
  • Minimal weight impact on the patient
  • Optional shoulder cover already included
    for protection of the acromioclavicular joint


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