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Being aware of your patient’s safety

An article that is used daily requires special quality measures with respect
to material and workmanshop. But also the functionality and user-friendlyness
should not be underestimated.


The wide MAVIG portfolio for patient protection provides the following:

Patient Protection
for Adults
Patient Protection
for Children
Patient Protection
in Dental Medicine
Patient Drape RP689
Gonad Aprons RP643
Dental Apron RD635
Gonad Aprons RP643
Children Apron RP664
Dental Apron RD642
CT Patient Shield RP648 Children Coat RP668 Dental Apron RD644
Ovary Shield RP679 Ovary Shield RP679 Thyroid Shield RD614
Ovary Shield RP278 Ovary Shield RP278
Testicle Shield RP276 Testicle Shield RP276
Testicle Shield RP280 Testicle Shield RP280
Mammary Gland Shield RP270 Gonad Pants RP274
Thyroid Shield RD614 Mammary Gland Shield RP271
Thyroid Shield RD614


The radiation protective clothing must not only give your patient the feeling of safety,
but safety must also be given. For the medical staff, the practicability of the product
is another important criterion.

MAVIG meets these different requirements with modern radiation protection that
is able to proof itself in everyday life.


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