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Apron for Protection at the Front: Basic RA640

The classic – the Basic RA640 model has been tried and trusted for years
and is generally used as front protection for occasional wear for short
periods during conventional radiography without fluoroscopy.

The front protection apron can also be used as protective clothing for
people accompanying the patient. The cut caters for all requirements
of conventional radiology.

For the manufacture of the Basic RA640 aprons we use only high quality,
flexible multilayer lead rubber. Perfect radiation protective properties
can be taken for granted, as can conformity to DIN 6857-1.

You have the choice of three closure types:

  • Snap fasteners (fig. 1)
  • Cross hook & burr (fig. 2)
  • Ties with buckle (fig. 3)



This model conforms to DIN EN 61331-1, DIN EN 61331-3, DIN 6857-1
and the X-ray Ordinance. Naturally, MAVIG X-ray protective clothing
also has the required prototype testing and certification in accordance
with PPE 89/686/EEC (CE0123).


Lead equivalent front part: Pb 0.25 mm, b 0.35 mm or Pb 0.50 mm
Lead equivalent back part: Pb 0.25 mm

Sizes: SMALL recommended for a chest girth of up to 102 cm
MEDIUM recommended for a chest girth of 103 cm to 114 cm
LARGE recommended for a chest girth of 115 cm to 123 cm
X-LARGE recommended for a chest girth of 124 cm to 150 cm (special size)
Colours: Curacao, Regatta, Ocean, Lagoon, Limette, Indian Summer, Orchidee
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