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X-Ray Protection Synergy RA632

In terms of weight, heavy all around protection aprons lead to considerable physical stress for the user. To solve this problem, we developed a new generation of X-ray protection coats – the patented Synergy RA632 series.

The special user comfort also includes the simple and convenient donning of the garment. The coat is simply closed with Velcro fasteners at chest height and fits properly without any fuss.

An elastic belt ensures that the shoulders are free to move without any uncomfortable restriction. Optimum alignment to your waist height is ensured by a variable press stud strip.

The necessary front protection is provided from side seam to side seam by overlapping front panels. The RA632 series creates the required safety zones by a double-layer structure in the sensitive areas.

This series meets the standards:

  • DIN EN 61331-1
  • DIN EN 61331-3
  • DIN 6857-1
  • 89/686/EWG (PSA)

Lead equivalent front part: Pb 0.35 mm or Pb 0.50 mm
Lead equivalent back part: Pb 0.25 mm

Sizes: x-small recommended for chest girth of up to 90 cm,
and a hip girth of 90 – 106 cm (special size)
small recommended for a chest girth of 91 cm to 98 cm,
and a hip girth of 106 – 112 cm
medium recommended for a chest girth of 99 cm to 110 cm,
and a hip girth of 108 – 118 cm
large recommended for a chest girth of 111 cm to 118 cm,
and a hip girth of 119 – 127 cm
x-large recommended for a chest girth of 119 cm to 131 cm,
and a hip girth of 128 – 140 cm
Colours: Curacao, Regatta, Ocean, Lagoon, Limette, Indian Summer, Orchidee
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