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Vest & Skirt for Allround Protection: Balance RA631

Optimal allround protection! Thanks to the patented Balance RA631
series of suits, you will safely get through the working day more easily.

Special features distinguish this model significantly from other
two-piece suits. Fully overlapping front sections achieve lead
equivalences of 0.35 mm Pb or 0.50 mm Pb in the front and create
the conditions for the outstanding comfort of the RA631 series:

Excellent weight distribution and a high degree of softness and
flexibility. The incorporated colour-demarcated safety zones provide
perfect radiation protection.

The skirt has a wide webbing belt in addition to the high quality
hook & burr fastening. The elastic insert in the back section makes
it easy to maintain your posture. It supports without constricting
and also provides an optimal and secure fit. In the lower area
it is also secured with a snap lock.

This model conforms to DIN EN 61331-1, DIN EN 61331-3, DIN 6857-1
and the X-ray Ordinance. Naturally, MAVIG X-ray protective clothing
also has the required prototype testing and certification in accordance
with PPE 89/686/EEC (CE0123).


Lead equivalent front part: Pb 0.35 mm or Pb 0.50 mm
Lead equivalent back part: Pb 0.25 mm

Sizes: X-SMALL recommended for a chest girth of up to 90 cm,
waist girth 65 – 79 cm, and hip girth 78 – 86 cm (special size)
SMALL recommended for a chest girth of 91 cm to 102 cm,
waist girth 75 – 86 cm, and hip girth 85 – 98 cm
MEDIUM recommended for a chest girth of 103 cm to 111 cm,
waist girth 85 – 100 cm, and hip girth 97 – 108 cm
LARGE recommended for a chest girth of 108 cm to 118 cm,
waist girth 95 – 110 cm, and hip girth 107 – 118 cm
X-LARGE recommendable for a chest girth of 119 cm to 130 cm,
waist girth 105 – 115 cm, and hip girth 117 – 128 cm
Colours: Curacao, Regatta, Ocean, Lagoon, Limette, Indian Summer, Orchidee
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