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X-Ray Protection – Balance RA631

The patented BALANCE RA631 series sees you through a safe and comfortable day. Its special features differentiate this model from previously know two-piece models.

Fully overlapping front panels achieve a lead equivalent of 0.35 or 0.50 mm for the front and create the basis for the incredible wearing comfort of the Balance series: great weight distribution, high degree of movement, and flexibility.

The integrated, colour-contrast safety zones guarantee ideal X-ray protection. An elastic insert in the back of the skirt ensures a secure fit without restricting.

This series meets the standards:

  • DIN EN 61331-1
  • DIN EN 61331-3
  • DIN 6857-1
  • 89/686/EWG (PSA)

Lead equivalent front part: Pb 0.35 mm or Pb 0.50 mm
Lead equivalent back part: Pb 0.25 mm

Sizes: x-small recommended for a chest girth of up to 90 cm,
waist girth 65 – 79 cm, and hip girth 78 – 86 cm (special size)
small recommended for a chest girth of 91 cm to 102 cm,
waist girth 75 – 86 cm, and hip girth 85 – 98 cm
medium recommended for a chest girth of 103 cm to 111 cm,
waist girth 85 – 100 cm, and hip girth 97 – 108 cm
large recommended for a chest girth of 108 cm to 118 cm,
waist girth 95 – 110 cm, and hip girth 107 – 118 cm
x-large recommendable for a chest girth of 119 cm to 130 cm,
waist girth 105 – 115 cm, and hip girth 117 – 128 cm
Colours: Curacao, Regatta, Ocean, Lagoon, Limette, Indian Summer, Orchidee
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