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WD308 – Mobile X-Ray Protection

With mobile shields, one must start with high expectations and goals during
the conception and development stages in order to avoid it being a disturbance
in the room. This is why all aspects of the work place must be taken into
consideration in order to create a harmony between the equipment, procedural
methods, and the demands of the personnel.

The WD308 with its large surface area and its lead equivalence up to Pb 1.00 mm
provides optimal protection. For an unimpeded view for the personnel the
protective area of the shield is entirely made of lead acrylic. Hence, the full
length of the shield is translucent.

The high-grade, electro-conductive wheels and sturdy side handles allow
for easy and safe positioning.


Lead Equivalents: Pb 0.50 mm or
Pb 1.00 mm
Protective Area (W x H): 800 x 1000 mm or
1000 x 1850 mm
Outer Dimensions (W x H x D):
include base and electro-conductive casters/wheels
1170 x 1100 x 665  mm or
1270 x 1950 x 665 mm


MAVIG produces mobile protection shields using the most modern materials
available in many variations or according to customer specifications.

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